Ryukage Run v1 - Update

Hello everyone! 

Now that I`m getting used to Itch.io, I`ve decided to have fun with posting new games featuring my original comic and novel characters! My old "Raining Apocalypse" game has now been re-christened "Ryukage Run" and features one of the characters from my Online Web Comic Series as she escapes the clutches of a blood-thirsty demon. I will continue to build on and add new features to this game until it is a complete survival runner. I will even be adding a few weapons to it later for additional challenge! :)

The most recent update includes:

* New character introduction (Ryoko Morita)
* New fire-based enemies (from a demon and volcano I will be adding later this week)
* Patch to fix a health damage bug where one object was taking 2 points instead of 1
* Additional sounds

More updates and patches to come!

Also, don`t forget to check out my NerdyUrges Online Store for t-shirts and other merchandise featuring this games characters and enemies! 

Until the next update! :) 

Ryukage Run "Triangle of Rage!" t-shirts

Ryukage Run "Spooky Cute!" t-shirts


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Jun 27, 2019

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