* NOTE: There is a known issue between WebGL, Web Browsers, and newer versions of Unity (2019/2020) which often causes the web versions of these builds to crash (at unspecified points) due to Java errors. So if this app crashes, just download the Windows & MacOS build versions below! :)

Keys for exiting the MacOS Build: Cmd + Q

Keys for exiting the Windows Build: Cmd + Q


- Story & character design by:  cr8tive Media Vault & Miomaru
- Programming & music by: cre8tive Media Vault 

* Submitted for TokiJAM 001 - Game Theme "FAST + GARBAGE"

This is a really basic prototype for a 2D Endless Runner that I am creating for our first TokiJAM (Tokyo IndieDev Game Jam)! More details to be provided as the game is upgraded with graphics, sound, and additional features! (Win & Mac Builds for now.



MiyaBee(雅 - her name means "elegance" & "grace" in Japanese) has just left home to do her daily chores and collect some pollen for making delicious honey-glazed sunflower seeds (because she`s an excellent chef)! But as soon as she stepped outside, the sky turned dark, some goons started attacking her and littering her home with garbage - and to top it all off, now she`s being relentlessly chased by a HUGE and seemingly indestructible group of monsters!  

Seriously? What does a girl have to do to get a break? 

How about kickin` some @$$ for starters!

Litter-bugs? Not on HER watch! This cute, swift, and crafty little honey bee`s got a serious sting, and these guys are about to feel it! So strap in for some lightning-fast reflex and shooting action while helping MiaBee clean up her yard and take out the trash (enemies)! 

How to play (at the moment)!

* Move - W, S, A, D (keyboard keys for Up, Down, Left, Right)
* Left Mouse Button - Shoot
* Right Mouse Button - Pickup & Release Paper (the PINK circle)

Game Goals (at the moment)
* Pickup and carry the Glowing Yellow Paper over to the  Yellow Trash Can (Recycle bins)
* Shoot and kill the enemy creatures throwing garbage at you!
* Avoid the BLACK obstacles and the DEMON approaching from the left side of the screen! (instant kill)
* Pickup and carry the bomb to the demon in order to knock him off the screen and give yourself more time to collect paper garbage. (You can also shoot the demon with your guns too, but that only pushes him back a little bit...)


Don`t worry, we`re just getting started with this game now that the weekend is over.  I`ll do artwork, bug, fixing, add more features, and polish it up over the next 3 days until the Game Jam is time limit is up. But since there are no games posted yet, I wanted to get at least something up


Game Merchandise: 

Here are some of the featured store products from this game!  Check them out at NerdyUrges.com to support this project!

MiyaBee`s Run /TokiJAM 001 Drinking Mug!

PotBlue enemy Mug

Very cute PotBlue Enemy Crop Top!
Magical Kirapon Crop Tee!
Very cute PotBlue Enemy Crop Top!


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MiyaBeesRun_TokiJAM_001_v2c.zip 29 MB
MiyaBeesRun_TokiJAM_001_v2c.app.zip 44 MB
MiyaBeesRun_TokiJAM_0001_WinBuild_v2c.zip 44 MB


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A very indie game in essence! I felt like playing a living art made in Corel Draw on a Windows 98 being emulated inside an NEC PC98. The gameplay gimmicks are the strong point here. In contrast the music and its imposed atmosphere do not go well with art and plot in general. Also the foggy sexualization of the main character is a sad cons.

Thanks for the feedback! :) We were trying to go for a retro, but not pixel art, style game like the old Disney games on NES. We`ll continue to work on and improve this game once we figure out exactly what we want to do with it story-wise. ;)

Miya is so cute! Also, Deamon's design is amazing! Spent some time playing and I think it would be even better for mobile.

Thanks a lot for hosting the game jam! Really appreciated it


Thank you! The character design was all Miho`s idea. :) I really wanted to build this for WebGL though, so I`m still troubleshooting the Unity 2020/itch.io issue. at the moment. I think this will go great for mobile once it`s completed! :)

Thank you for participating in the jam and I can`t wait to play your game as well!