Spirit(s) Of The Lost Winds  © (W.I.P.) cre8tive Media Vault 

- A game by:  cre8tive Media Vault based on the novel "WildFIRE: Legend of the Ryukage Clans" and "The Ryukage" Online Comic series!


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A cute and fun little mini-adventure game in the works featuring Kuramia, a summoner`s fox-tailed familiar from my novel "WildFIRE: Legend Of The Ryukage Clans.


Kuramia has just been summoned through time and space by her loving master, Nikki, to complete a very secret and dangerous mission. Guide her through obstacles, unlock secret items and special abilities, and complete your mission in order to save the world from an interplanetary criminal organization called the Red Dragon Clan!


How to play (at the moment)!


Right Mouse Button (Player movement)  

Right Mouse Button + SPACE Button (Sling Jump to Jump Points)  

Left Mouse Button (SELECT/Pick-up/Enable Inventory items, Menu, Buttons)

- Middle Mouse Button (ACTIVATE/Launch Spells & Attacks)

- Middle Mouse ( Grenade/Bomb *if character enabled)



Q Button (Dash Attack)

W Button (Ranged Weapon Attack)

E Button (Fan Shot Attack)

R Button (ScatterShot Attack) *Hold C while shooting to curve ScatterShot

** B Button (Bomb Drop) / Middle Mouse (Activate Bomb)

** X Button (Quick Close Card Dialogue Box)


Keys for exiting the MacOS Build: Cmd + Q

Keys for exiting the Windows Build: Cmd + Q



* This game is still in prototype mode so the look and feel of it will change drastically over the next few weeks! We will be building/updating this game with new programmed features and artwork, so please stay tuned!

* There is a known issue between WebGL, Web Browsers, and newer versions of Unity (2019/2020) which often causes the web versions of these builds to crash (at unspecified points) due to Java errors. So if this app crashes, just download the Windows & MacOS build versions below! :)


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SpiritsOfTheLostWinds_Demo_v1f.zip 98 MB
SpiritsOftheLostwinds_WinDemo_v1l.zip 144 MB
SpiritsOfTheLostWinds_MacDemo_v1l.app.zip 146 MB

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Cool game!

I love games with animals like wolfs and foxes as main characters. Hope you keep going with this one :)

Oh yeah, I`m loving this one so I`m going to keep building this during Golden Week until it`s completed. Working on it now as a matter of fact. Making some new artwork and actual cutscenes for it too now so will keep you posted! 

Does the game work on your Windows PC if you download it? I need to check that because I don`t have windows at home. Could you let me know?